We Believe in the Spirit of Giving

Pictured: HIA-LI staff volunteering at Long Island Cares, 2016.

The holiday season is the time of year when we turn attention to helping others – and to the spirit of giving.

Since our founding 40 years ago, HIA-LI has consistently recognized the value of community service and volunteering. We like to extend a helping hand, because our fellow Long Islanders benefit from our actions. And it’s through these actions that we help to build a stronger community.

Yet at the same time, we ourselves get a feeling of satisfaction through giving. HIA-LI is proud, for example, to sponsor The HIA-LI Scholarship Fund, which provides more than $12,000 annually to college-bound children of our members.

In addition, HIA-LI is one of the biggest business supporters of Long Island Cares’ summer food drive.

It may be hard to believe, but right here on Long Island, some 117,000 vulnerable children face heightened levels of food insecurity every summer. That’s because they’re not receiving free school breakfasts and lunches during July and August.

In response, HIA-LI supports vibrant food drives every summer, thus helping our community’s young people meet their basic nutritional needs.

From a different perspective, HIA-LI itself is sustained year-round by the generous, helping spirit of hundreds of our own volunteers.

We truly love how our HIA-LI boosters step-up to volunteer in numerous ways. Some are  soliciting raffle prizes, or offering to help staff a registration desk, or volunteering by meeting, greeting and helping to shepherd guests around our events, some of which are large-scale affairs.

You may not realize just how many of our team members are volunteers taking their own  personal time to lend support. And they benefit too, by enriching their own relationships and  business connections.

Long Island is a true community because we care about each other. We are eager to help one  another. So let’s all recommit ourselves to the spirit of giving this holiday season.

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